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  Pat Lathem 8233b86cef More debug output 3 years ago
  Sean Hickey 362d36475b Merge pull request #75 from shavit/support-tabs 3 years ago
  headz 05a9e4629f Removes reference to 'dev' branch in 3 years ago
  Sean Hickey 413909278b Merge pull request #52 from nxadm/master 3 years ago
  Sean Hickey f45a085e09 Merge branch 'master' into master 3 years ago
  shavit f815afd279 NewTab method #23 3 years ago
  lxt2 e706cee1c7 Merge pull request #69 from jtwatson/feature/history-trimming 3 years ago
  Joseph Watson ab11baf317 Add ability to cleanup held resources by calling ClearHistory() on the HistoryJar when it is no longer needed. Implemented ability to set a maximum history length that will be enforced as the history grows. Expose the various jar containers directly instead of having methods on Browser to manipulate them. 3 years ago
  lxt2 040ce4fba8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' 3 years ago
  lxt2 12da8efcee Merge pull request #67 from cardigann/add-arm-agent-support 3 years ago
  lxt2 4d5ced1980 Merge pull request #61 from utahta/support_for_appengine 3 years ago
  lxt2 db9a594a13 Merge pull request #70 from headzoo/use-master-for-development 3 years ago
  Sean Hickey e78fa0ea02 Update 3 years ago
  lxt2 2319753168 Remove mention of dev branch 3 years ago
  lxt2 f4b028d3fd Merge branch 'dev' into use-master-for-development 3 years ago
  lxt2 4c2b940e94 Merge pull request #66 from cardigann/update-readme-with-new-contributors 3 years ago
  lxt2 5073619841 Add an arm specific version of agent 3 years ago
  lxt2 f8b7ad0ba8 Exclude arm from agent builds, uname syscall differs 3 years ago
  lxt2 6dd8adb8d8 Add contributors to readme 3 years ago
  lxt2 73804cccf5 Merge pull request #46 from jtwatson/http-client-reuse 3 years ago
  Joseph Watson 956b6745c9 Remove the singleton pattern in favor of explicit creation of the client when needed. Feels more idiomatic. 3 years ago
  lxt2 ffaadfe28b Merge pull request #44 from jtwatson/checkbox-radio-select 3 years ago
  Joseph Watson 8fd1d8c9b3 Implement interface methods for working with checkboxes, radio buttons and select’s. Implement handling for disabled fields. 4 years ago
  lxt2 d03c906e1e Merge pull request #45 from jtwatson/http-client-user-agent-fix 3 years ago
  lxt2 60198774cc Merge pull request #62 from ethankent/master 3 years ago
  Ethan 211282fe62 Fix typo 3 years ago
  utahta 1127033450 Add build tag for appengine specific builds 3 years ago
  Claudio Ramirez 7f616b45f4 Update doc 4 years ago
  Claudio Ramirez 059a1e9d63 Add timeout to browser 4 years ago
  Sean Hickey 258b78a318 Update 4 years ago